I Tiit Kuusik International Lied Competition


On September 11th 2011 there will be the 100th birthday of an Estonian leading opera singer Tiit Kuusik. It is well known, that in addition to opera Tiit Kuusik was one of the best singers of chamber songs and lieder.
To commemorate one of the most distinguished Estonian interpreters the I Tiit Kuusik International Lied Competition will be held in Pärnu, in former Boys Gymnasium of Pärnu – in school, where Tiit Kuusik himself has studied.

The Competition will take place in the hall of the Pärnu Kuninga Street Primary School from 27th to 30st October 2011.

The Competition will be held in two rounds, the performing order of the competitors of the round I will be raffled on 27th of October at 12.00. The round I will begin on 28th of October at 14.00.

In first round every competitor must sing three chamber songs, one of which must be a creation of Franz Schubert, two other chamber songs are freely chosen by competitor. The Round II will take place on 29th of October. The jury will choose 15 competitors as maximum to perform there. In Second Round every competitor must perform 5 chamber songs, one of them is obligatory – „An die Musik“ by Franz Schubert, four others are freely chosen by competitor.

The work of Jury will be headed by professor Ingrid Kremling-Domanski from Hamburg International College of Music.

The Competition will be held in two different age groups. I group for singers aged 18 – 35, II group for singers aged 36 and above. The minimal age of a competitor is 18, there is no upper age limit.

The awarding of the winners of the Competition will take place on 30st of October at 16.00 during festive concert of chamber music where the best competitors will perform.

Competition participation fee is 50 EUR, which must be transferred to the bank account of organizers of the competition on 20th of October at the latest.


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The competition is organized by Non Profit Organization Axel (Axel MTÜ) in cooperation with Pärnu Kuninga Street Primary School.

The final term of registering for the competition is 18. October 2011.
The participants will pay themselves for their transport and accommodation. In case a registered competitor can’t arrive to the competition the participation fee will not be refunded.

The Jury will award following prizes:
I place I group 1000.-
I place II group 1000.-
II place I group 500.-
II place II group 500.-
III place I group 300.-
III place II group 300.-

In addition to the prize money the winners will be given the opportunity to perform in different concert programs.
Artistic director of the competition is Toomas Kuter, artistic advisor is Helin Kapten, organizing comittee is headed by Urve Krause, Sirje Merilo and Ivar Soone.

Tiit Kuusik