Collection Book of Fairy-Tales "The Boy and the Dream" (in estonian, Perona, 1994)

Fairy-Tale "Story of the Calm Breath" (in estonian, Tallinn 1995)

Fairy-Tale "The Full Moon Girl" (in estonian, Pärnu 1996)

Collection Book  of Poems "Going into Love" (in estonian, Pärnu 2002)

"Poems and Fairy-Tales" (in russian, Saint-Petersburg, 2003)

Collection Book of Fairy-Tales "The Latern of the Heart" (in estonian, Pärnu 2004)


Sound recordings

 Solo CD “My way” (russian and american songs, Andranik Kechek on piano, 2006)


Musical works

Musical fairy tale “Forgotten Fairy-Tale” (in estonian, music by Andranik Kechek, words by Toomas Kuter, 2002)

The vocal cycle “Going Into the Love” (in estonian, music by Jüri Dmitriev, words by Toomas Kuter, 2004) 

The vocal cycle “Going Into the Love” (in russian, music by Jüri Dmitriev,words by Toomas Kuter, 2006) 

 Anthem city of Maardu  (in estonian, music by Andranik Kechek, words by Toomas Kuter, 2010)


 As translator

Lyudmilla Sivolobova’s “Glass Pearl Beading” (Non-Estonians Integration Foundation, 2001)

“Balloons” (Sojuz Poetov Estonii, 2002)

“Once More” by Valentina Siig (Pegasus, 2009)

“Grandmothers ABC Book” by Alla Meos (Pärnu, 2009)


 As compilator

"Anthology of writers of Pärnu" (in estonian, compiled by Luule Luuse and Toomas Kuter,, Pärnu 1998)

"Legends of the Pärnu River" (in estonian, compiled by Toomas Kuter and Helle Vent, Pärnu 2004)

"Hans Christian Andersen's footsteps" (in estonian, compiled by Toomas Kuter, Pärnu 2005)

Prefaces for the books

Martin Napa "A Message to Egypt" (in russian, Saint-Petersburg 2001)

Nadezhda Briyantseva "Stork song" (in russian, Pärnu 2005)

Aurora Nevmerzhitskaya "Wings of the Hope"  (in russian, Tallinn 2005)

Martin Napa "Creation"  (in russian, Tallinn 2006)

Valentina Siig "Once more" (in estonian, Pegasus 2009) 


Copyright by Toomas Kuter