TOOMAS KUTER (born 1965. in Pärnu) is freelance writer and singer, correspondent member and since 2008 professor of The Gavrila Derzhavin Russian Academy of Literature and Fine Arts.

He started singing studies at the age of 15 in Pärnu under the direction of Klaudia Taev, his first solo program was at the age of 17 and the secrets of vocal art he aquired under the direction of former primadonna Therese Raide. As a singer he has been met with approval as performer of Russian romances and chamber music of various nations. He had success in many concerts in Estonia and in Russia, but also in United States, Belarus, Italy, Vatican, Ukraine, Germany, Greece, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia etc.

As a writer, Toomas Kuter is prize winner of several literature contests. Until now he has published as Collection Book of Fairi-Tales “The Boy and the Dream” (1994), Fairy-Tale “Story of the Calm Breath” (1995), Fairy-Tale “The Full Moon Girl” (1996), “Anthology of writers of Pärnu” (one of compilers, 1998), Collection Book of Poems “Going into Love” (2002), “Poems and Fairy-Tales” (in russian, Sankt-Petersburg, 2003), Collection Book of Fairi-Tales “The Latern of the Heart” (2004).
He has issued a solo CD “My way” (2006) with russian and american songs (Andranik Kechek on piano).

Toomas Kuter is also active as a translator. He has translated from Russian Lyudmilla Sivolobova’s “Glass Pearl Beading” (Non-Estonians Integration Foundation, 2001) and “Balloons” (Sojuz Poetov Estonii, 2002), “Once More” by Valentina Siig (Pegasus, 2009) and “Grandmothers ABC Book” by Alla Meos (Pärnu, 2009)

With composer Andranik Kechek has been finished the musical fairy tale “Forgotten Fairy-Tale” (2002), with composer Jüri Dmitriev - the vocal cycle “Going Into the Love” (2004, in russian 2006).

Toomas Kuter is writing on an on-going basis concert reviews, book reviews and articles to different publications in Estonia.

Toomas Kuter is The President of The Klaudia Taev International Competition for Young Singers, correspondent member of The Gavrila Derzhavin Russian Academy of Literature and Fine Arts, member of Estonian Union of Journalists, member of Russian Interregional Association of Writers, member of Estonian Authors Union, member of German-Estonian Forum etc.

Has been merited with medal of International Peace Foundations Association’s Russian Peace Foundation (Moscow, 2004), Gavrila Derzhavin academic gold medal (Sankt-Petersburg, 2004), Aleksandr Pushkin medal for “Keeping the traditions in Russian literature” (Sankt-Petersburg, 2005), Sign quality of Conventus Terra Mariana (Tallinn, 2005), Sergei Jessenin academic gold medal (Sankt-Petersburg, 2005), Year’s prize of foundation Pärnumaa Kultuurkapital (Tallinn, 2005), cerficifate of merit from Committee of International Associations of Writers (Sankt-Petersburg, 2006), laureate of Moscow International Music Festival “Golden Autumn of Tushino” (Moscow, 2007, 2011), Honorary Knight of Conventus Terra Mariana (Rome, 2010), Annual Music Award of Pärnu (Pärnu, 2011).


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