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Welcome to the homepage of Toomas Kuter


Our temporal existence here and now, as a part of a eternal transformation process of time and space without beginning and end is similar to the colorful dream of seemingly real experiences and the lessons that we have come to learn on our own free choice.

During this progression in time my part is the serving and worship of the two muse – music and literature.
I have done this in accordance with my skills, capabilities and needs.

At the same time, I have never forgotten that, apart from anything else our wonderful and extremely short-term life is a pleasure, in which we have to love ourselves do this just in this world. As well as love all those from whom You can feel flowing that nice, delicious, and bewitching energy of understanding and caring.


À la votre Sante!
Vive la vie, la vie parceque très belle!


Toomas Kuter

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